10 Inspiring Stories Of Finding Strength In Sobriety

We Are the Luckiest is both poetic and gut-wrenching. But the ending (spoiler alert), is ultimately triumphant. This book is part of a group that launched the “sober curious” movement. Readers say it helped them reframe their view of alcohol, even if they did not have alcohol use disorder (AUD). Many decide to implement an alcohol experiment and incorporate alcohol-free activities into their social lives. In this blog, we offer some of the best books on sobriety you can use to advance your recovery.

  • The volume of white matter in the language area of the brain increases as we dive into reading.
  • You’ll see clearly that addiction doesn’t discriminate, and that anyone can become addicted.
  • This book provides an eye-opening perspective on and insight into how racism and white supremacy can lead to intergenerational trauma.
  • I had a brief extramarital affair that lasted a couple of days while I was on vacation in 2003.
  • From managing alcohol cravings to handling social situations where alcohol was present, there were several obstacles I had to overcome.

I feel more connected with myself and with others than I ever could have imagined. No matter what stage of recovery someone may be in, addiction recovery stories can serve as a source of encouragement and inspiration. It’s important to remember that each journey to sobriety is unique. Still, through reading the stories of others, individuals can find courage, hope, and strength that will guide them in their own Addiction Recovery Story.

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Addiction Recovery Stories highlight addiction’s challenges and inspire others to fight through their struggles. Recovery addict stories are invaluable for individuals looking to fight their addiction and move toward lasting sobriety. We’ve chosen today to walk you through inspirational stories of sobriety the lives of some everyday individuals with inspiring lessons to impart rather than focusing on famous people. There’s an adage that we heal ourselves by helping others. Sharing your story is a generous act that can have therapeutic effects on your own recovery.

When the program ended, she moved into transitional housing. Becki went through several treatment programs to overcome her addiction, but each time she became worse. Kate had no interest in becoming sober until she lost everything. Hitting the proverbial rock bottom, Kate ended up living on the streets after losing her friends, her family and going to jail due to a crack cocaine addiction.

Kelly Killingsworth: Kelly’s Journey From Overcoming Addiction to Business Ownership

I approach sobriety with the same mentality I approached sports with. You’ve got to suit up, show up, and keep your eyes on the win. Recovery is https://ecosoberhouse.com/ an acceptance that your life is in shambles, and you have to change. Now I have a much clearer sense of myself and what I can and can’t do.

Within a week I was able to find another room with three sophomore roommates who were just like me. Within a short period of time, harassing the fourth roommate with obnoxious merriment, I was able to convince that non-partying roommate to swap rooms. I again excelled in school, graduating with a 4.0 GPA and several individual honors. I had completed all except two course credits for my degree within three years and spent my final year engaged in analytical chemistry research for the last two credits. I was offered a scholarship opportunity to go on to PhD studies in chemistry, but chose to continue on to med school instead.

What are the Must-Read Books on Sobriety?

That is why Don T is a role model for anyone in recovery. He managed to stay meth-free thanks to 12-step recovery meetings with other people who are addicted to more than one substance. He attributes his success to the power of these meetings. For Kate, 12-step programs are vital to her recovery. She says she finds huge therapeutic value in sharing stories with other people in the same situation.

It’s not like, hey, I’m normal and I have to do this the exact same way you would if you had to do it. Sometimes browsing inspirational sobriety quotes helps me re-center my focus and gives me strength with my recovery. So I created this list with the sincere hopes of helping others find peace in their addiction recovery. By this time, I could not go for more than a couple of hours without feeling withdrawal symptoms including hot flashes, sweats, palpitations, and the shakes. I would awaken during the night in withdrawal needing to take some alcohol to be able to get back to sleep. I was sliding down a very slippery slope without a solution.

Recovery is all about choices—whether  public or private. After spending several months in treatment and a halfway house, I moved in with my parents. I had a sponsor, I was going to lots of meetings, and I was re-enrolled in school. One of my biggest fears about moving back home was that my mother would have a constant paranoia about my precarious sobriety. Ted Nielsen shares how we need people to help us along the road to sobriety, but we can’t be carried. I was struck sober, lying on my living room floor, unable to get up, bleeding from a gastric ulcer just before Labor Day weekend in 2004.

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  • The second night, I began to have diarrhea with old, digested blood in it.
  • I am not sure I’d be sober today if it weren’t for Tired of Thinking About Drinking.
  • But some of the world’s most successful celebrities have struggled with the same urges and overcome them.