17+ Important Questions to Ask BEFORE hiring Mobile App Dev

Hiring managers want to ensure that you, as a mobile developer, can create apps that look and function well across a wide range of devices. Demonstrating your ability to adapt and optimize the user experience for different screens is a key skill that companies seek when selecting the right https://remotemode.net/become-a-mobile-developer/ candidate for the position. There are a few key things that are important for a mobile user experience designer to keep in mind when designing apps. The first is that mobile devices have smaller screens than desktop computers, so the app interface needs to be designed for a smaller screen.

This will give you a great deal of insight into the expertise of a developer and whether they’re able to cope under pressure. If the candidate has developed similar applications in the past, it shows that they may be a good fit for the position. Tell about a time when you worked on a project to improve an existing application. Performance can be optimized by minimizing the app’s code and resource usage, optimizing network calls, and reducing the size of images and other media.

Q22: What is the difference between a Service and a Thread in Android?

So make sure to stir out specific answers from the professional to see how they can incorporate their knowledge directly into your project. Whether you decide to create an app that runs on iOS, Android or both, you need to produce a tight job spec that reflects https://remotemode.net/ your project requirements and your long-term application plans. Hiring the wrong developer can be a costly mistake, so creating a hiring plan will help guide you through the process, and make sure you’re not wasting time on candidates who don’t fit the bill.

  • Before you hire a mobile app developer, there is one final test you should have every candidate take to check whether they’ll be suitable for your business.
  • When answering a question like this, you should be specific and provide an example to illustrate your answer.
  • We held regular meetings to discuss design ideas, share feedback, and iterate on prototypes.
  • It could take awhile before your mobile app is earning money (after all, have you seen all the free apps on the App store?).
  • It is important for interviewers to ask this question because it allows them to get a better understanding of your thought process when it comes to app development.

This question is the trickiest and works best when you have at least a high-level requirements document. A competent app development agency should be able to immediately spot weak areas in your app functionality and draw your attention to them. While creating the job ad, you already have a list of soft skills you’re looking for in an applicant.

Q37: What is the difference between the AsyncTask and Thread classes in Android?

This is important because it shows whether the mobile developer is keeping up with the latest advancements in their field and is able to adapt to changes. It also allows the interviewer to get a sense of the mobile developer’s future career prospects. User testing is important for ensuring that an app meets the needs and expectations of its target audience. It can identify usability issues, improve user experience, and increase user satisfaction. A mobile app is a standalone application that is downloaded and installed on a user’s device.

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When you’re hiring mobile app developers, the response you want here is cross-platform development. If they recommend one platform or the other, ask them why, but be prepared to cut the interview short. An unwillingness to pursue cross-platform development is a major red flag. Here are seven questions you should ask when hiring mobile app developers. I’ve also included follow-up questions for each, to help you dig down to the most important answers.

How can you ensure sensitive in-app data is secure?

Before going to the interview, make sure you are up to date with the latest technologies and development platforms. Review your technical skills, and make sure you can explain them clearly to the interviewer. Be familiar with popular mobile app development frameworks and tools like React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter.